Web development shouldn’t be difficult to understand. You have a goal you want to achieve – be it a process you’d like to be automated or a message communicated to your customers. You define what you want to happen, together we work out the best way to achieve it and then Tyxan makes it happen for you.

It really is as simple as that. Whether you need an email template or full email campaign, one-page brand website, full e-commerce offering, public facing or private internal systems, we’re here to help.

We consult with you every step of the way to help you make the best, most cost effective decisions and meet your goals and objectives. No more having to pay tens of thousands of pounds for ‘the best’ technically-complex systems, when in actual fact, all you need is a system that’s 100% right for your business (and is more cost effective too). Furthermore, if you want to create a unique brand voice, then why use ‘off the shelf’ templates and wind up with a site that looks like all of the other websites in your industry?

With services ranging from ad-hoc hourly services to fully managed and hosted solutions, we work closely with you to make sure we deliver your brief and provide you with industry-leading web development that’s right for your business and budget, every time.


Your processes and systems need to communicate. Why have the most complex procurement system if you still need someone to key it into your finance system? A wonderful e-commerce website is great…until you need to update your 10,000 product list and find out your SAP system won’t talk to your web system. Your customer places their new £50,000 order….but can’t track the delivery online.

Integration is the key to this. Having all your systems and processes talk to each other, giving you, and more importantly, your clients, a seamless end to end experience boosts customer retention and satisfaction. And internal savings, both financially and in time vastly outweigh the investment involved in making integration work for you.


Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, etc, etc. Want to take control of your place on the web? The power of Content Management Systems (CMS) allow you to instantly update your website yet ensure the complex software that runs your website is always working, always serving your clients.

Your digital content is owned by you and is your companies persona on the internet. From instantly adding your latest product photos to your website, to ensuring your most up to date newsletter is available on all of your social media channels, a CMS, correctly built and set up for your goals, is an invaluable tool. Tyxan provides CMS solutions, from ground up builds to support and problem resolution on your existing site and advice on what would suit YOUR needs.


Nothing quite fit? Want the benefit of system X but the usability of system Y? Bespoke builds are where Tyxan, in conjunction with your needs, can build a solution uniquely tailored to you. Be it a web and cloud based system that end clients can use, to internal systems for your staff, we have built them all.

And even more, once you have designed a system that does what you want, why not sell it to others? If you have a problem, its likely that someone else is experiencing the same issue and once its been solved by Tyxan on your behalf, selling it to others is a small step with a potential huge return. Talk to us about what you’re trying to achieve and you may be surprised at how much your return on investment could be worth!


The latest iPhone, Samsung’s new offering, the Apple watch. So many ways a user can interact with your app. The pace of development is mind blowing as is the task of keeping up with it all and making sure your app will work with all of them.

App development isn’t just about making the app. Its about management, updates, user reviews, app store submissions. Our expertise. We take it all on on your behalf, from designing and building the app, to acting as your conduit to the world of apps and app stores and keeping it updated to ensure its ALWAYS available when needed.



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